The company announced the delay in a blog post on November 10, blaming the supply chain crunch for the delay in shipments, which are expected to now begin in February 2022. The Steam Deck was originally set to ship in December 2021, giving it ideal holiday gift potential, but with this new delay, you’ll have to look elsewhere for gift ideas for the PC gamers in your life (if you need help, check out our Black Friday PC gaming deals page for ideas and current sales ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday). You will receive a verification email shortly.

DeMuro last updated 05 November 2021 Updated Astrill VPN includes a wide variety of features that will appeal to experienced users. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! "We’re sorry about this—we did our best to work around the global supply chain issues, but due to material shortages, components aren’t reaching our manufacturing facilities in time for us to meet our initial launch dates," Valve said. It is just something we are going to have to get used to since even after the supply chain problems work themselves out, we are likely to experience similar disruptions in the future as we become more and more dependent on tech products for just about everything. This will be the new start date of the reservation queue—all reservation holders keep their place in line but dates will shift back accordingly. Woman playing PUBG on Steam Deck While frustrating, this is going to be the case for all sorts of products in the months ahead, from the latest MacBooks and iPhones to the latest graphics cards and even basic telecom equipment like routers and Wi-Fi extenders.

By Mike Williams last updated 04 November 2021 By Mike Williams last updated 04 November 2021 By Mike Williams last updated 04 November 2021 By Joe Osborne last updated 04 November 2021 By Anthony Spadafora last updated 04 November 2021 "Based on our updated build estimates, Steam Deck will start shipping to customers February 2022. The DJI Mavic 3 is the most powerful folding drone we’ve seen, but it’s also expensive and missing a few features at launch. Read our reviews NAZ techs guarantee to find out why.

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p>LogMeOnce Review Listing By Mike Williams last updated 15 November 2021 Updated CyberGhost’s Windows client may steal the show but this VPN has plenty to offer elsewhere. Updated IPVanish is a fast VPN that is highly configurable and supports a wide range of platforms. Updated This small VPN provider offers some temptingly priced plans.

By Daniel Blechynden, Jonas P. Updated PIA is a powerful VPN that ticks pretty much all the boxes. By Mike Williams last updated 04 November 2021 This latest news about the Steam Deck delay shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the semiconductor and supply chain crises over the past several months. Updated A big-name VPN with an even bigger network and some valuable bonus features.

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h2>You can trust our in-depth technology reviews to help you buy the best product for your needs. Reservation date estimates will be updated shortly after this announcement." Valve just announced that the Steam Deck release date is being delayed by two months. By James Abbott last updated 05 November 2021 Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. Updated LogMeOnce is a powerful password management software suite for both individuals and businesses. The NTENSE Genesis Gaming Desk lets you stand while gaming with plenty of room for all your consoles, controllers and accessories.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has hit major manufacturing regions in Asia particularly hard, so the steady stream of tech products we’ve become accustomed to over the years really isn’t sustainable when parts suppliers and assemblers have to shut down production temporarily after outbreaks or need to reduce capacity in order to comply with safety guidelines. By Mike Williams last updated 04 November 2021 Updated The 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 is an amazing large-screen laptop for battery life, but honestly not much else. John (He / Him / His) is TechRadar’s Computing Staff Writer and is also a programmer, gamer, activist, and Brooklyn College alum currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Named by the CTA as a CES 2020 Media Trailblazer for his science and technology reporting, John specializes in all areas of computer science, including industry news, hardware reviews, PC gaming, as well as general science writing and the social impact of the tech industry.