Review of wireless TWS headphones from a famous audio brand

TWS earbuds have long entered our lives and almost every manufacturer has its own model in this niche. Apple models have been a definite benchmark for a long time, but then various smaller brands have quite caught up to themselves and surpassed the followers of the Jobs case. For a long time, I considered sound / stability / runtime to be extremely important, and ANC noise cancellation as just some whim.

I was wrong and will tell you more about it.

For a long time, TVS headphones with ANC almost by default meant a price tag of 100 bucks and above. As here are the headphones on the left below, but on the right are the TENNMAK PRO-ANC with active noise cancellation and even wireless charging of the case and at the same time cost a little more than 30 bucks. Is it interesting to look at them more closely?

Here Human Nutrition are the brief specifications of the TENNMAK PRO-ANC headphones.

And at the time of ordering TENNMAK PRO-ANC headphones, there was already an abundance of reviews on Aliexpress.

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you another entertaining story about active noise cancellation. I often just use either the left or right earbuds and this is partly due to a similar scenario. After all, why do I need noise cancellation if the other ear is open? Test runs inside the apartment were not very indicative, I hear something, but I don’t hear something.

And that’s all.

It was another matter that I recently agreed to meet with a friend in the central square. I arrived on time, I dial it, but it turns out to be late and will be in 15 minutes. I take out the second earpiece and turn on the music.

Trolleybuses are driving around, cars are crooked on the pavement, people are talking and I can hear a part of it in the background. And then I turn on the active noise canceling mode and it’s like pressing the mute button on the TV remote control

Okay, let’s go to the point

The aptx codec was not delivered, but as in Apple there is AAS with blind listening, it is actually one-on-one.

TENNMAK PRO-ANC connection and use is as easy as possible

The connection according to the passport characteristics takes place in 20 ms and I think this is where it is.

The touchpad with taps and clicks works as usual. Tap to start / pause / accept a call and hold to reject a call. Plus double tapes for track transitions.

Found a strange non-ergonomic minus when, when an incoming call, instead of a ringtone sound in the headphones or clear English

TENNMAK PRO-ANC headphone active noise cancellation is activated from the right earbud. You need to hold down the touch panel for 2 seconds and wait for the tonal sound in the earphone. After that, the sounds of the outside world will be clipped.