Unit discloses their worst actually Tinder dates — including people exactly who ‘killed the woman dog’

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Unit discloses their worst actually Tinder dates — including people exactly who ‘killed the woman dog’

Jodie have chose to stop making use of online dating

a design possess advised of their bizarre knowledge regarding the dating application Tinder — such as one big date just who bought her a pet chihuahua and accidentally killed it.

While she merely used the prominent software for a fortnight, 26-year-old Jodie Weston said she have over their great amount of awful schedules.

She is become put-off the software forever after taking place three «horrendous» dates on her behalf seek out Mr correct.

The most important big date saw the woman fulfill some guy at a club in London which concluded when he decrease down their couch, states the echo.

She said: «My personal big date spent the entire energy leaning as forth on his chair as humanly feasible until he virtually got their face tucked inside my cleavage.

«I happened to be planning to create my reasons and tell him I’d to leave, as he leaned too much onward on his couch and dropped forth off it onto the floors.»


For her second desire at fulfilling ‘the main one’, Jodie arranged to generally meet a man within movies where they planned on seeing modern flick in terror franchise Purge.

But just as these people were going to enter the display she heard a woman screaming.

Jodie, having appeared on Channel 5’s deep children Go Skint together with BBC’s Eating using my Ex, stated: «a man just who worked during the urban area required toward movies to look at the most recent Purge motion picture — and also as we were going to enter, we read a female screaming.

«we turned about and spotted a woman making a beeline for people. All i really could see was actually this lady directed and yelling with this specific sparkly ring on.

«I had no hint he got married. I simply had gotten my personal popcorn and ice-blast, willing to read a movie, and got caught in foyer between a cheating husband with his raging spouse.

«i simply advised all of them ‘good fortune’ and made a tremendously rapid exit.»

Canine killer

The third, but was actually conveniently Jodie’s worst dating event yet.

She mentioned the guy resulted in to their level in Canary Wharf, London — with a chihuahua as a present.

Jodie said «his face entirely screwed-up and he looked like the devil have absorbed their soul» whenever she rejected the present and he stormed completely making use of puppy.

Model Jodie said she think she would never see him again — so got amazed discover him resting outside the woman level weeks later.

Jodie said: «I keep in touch with him following big date, perhaps not because i desired to keep online dating him, but because I became stressed when it comes down to dog’s benefit.

«the guy carried on attempting to see me personally, but I informed your I was returning to Derbyshire for several time to see my loved ones as an excuse.

«The day I found myself considering subside, we went downstairs to get during my mum’s vehicles — and just who did I see prepared beyond your entry to my personal building?»

Jodie stated the lady Tinder date next marked alongside and spent several days during the Midlands together family — awkwardly asking the girl step-dad to look at your.

Getting back into London from this lady disastrous journey, she shared: «whenever I got in to London, I tried having as little contact with him as you can.

«But a month or more later on, I discovered your dog got passed away, likely because he was feeding it a weight loss program of Twiglets and Rubicon Mango Juice.»

Unconventional turn

Issues grabbed a bizarre change whenever Jodie’s Tinder chap «wouldn’t grab no for a response».

She said: «following the chihuahua died, I tried to fully slash items down with your, but howevern’t capture no for a response.

«1 day, we came house and also the concierge of making called me to demonstrate that I’d started delivered this big teddy bear — the biggest you’ll previously discover.

«Around one hour later on, he begun anxiously texting me, inquiring me personally basically got the gifts which he was coming more.

«we advised your that I became browsing exclude him from my personal strengthening. He came anyway, and informed me that when I didn’t need your back once again, he’d name the police attain their teddy-bear straight back.

«In conclusion, he was escorted off of the site — without the teddy bear, that I continue to have!»


The 3 awful knowledge is definately not Jodie’s just internet dating horror stories.

The part-time DJ, stated she furthermore dated some guy whom pressured their to cover a ?200 club costs in Oxford Circus when their credit decreased.

She said that she was even dumped by an ex just who kept the woman on christmas, which led the lady to drinking whiskey into the lodge pub by herself.

You are interested in.

Jodie keeps made a decision to end using online dating, and can get back to old-school methods of satisfying some one personally.

She stated: «like that, i could do some face-screening, to make certain they aren’t a catfish or an overall total lunatic — though to date not really that’s worked.

«i am trying to find my Mr Jodie and husband to be that each female hopes for finding, but i believe I’ve been born with a gay sugar daddy dating apps free curse of bringing in nutters.

«My personal recommendations is when the chap appears with a chihuahua, do not stay to confirm your dog — just contact the RSPCA instead.»

Jodie put: «and possibly, to furthermore state a prayer before a romantic date, and inquire God not to ever allow then any end up being since horrendous once the final.»